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itty bittys® Frozen Elsa Anna Clippy

Item Code: 1KDD1013

itty bittys® Mickey & Pluto Clippy

Item Code: 1KDD1014

itty bittys® Minnie & Daisy Clippy

Item Code: 1KDD1015

itty bittys® Spiderman & Venom Clippy

Item Code: 1KDD1020

itty bittys® Clippy Anna & Kristoff

Item Code: 1KDD1188

itty bittys® Clippy Beauty & Beast

Item Code: 1KDD1190

itty bittys® Clippy Alladin & Jasmine

Item Code: 1KDD1191

itty bittys® Clippy Lady & The Tramp

Item Code: 1KDD1192

itty bittys® Clippy R2D2 & C 3Po

Item Code: 1KDD1193

itty bittys® Clippy Darth Vader & Stormrooper

Item Code: 1KDD1018

itty bittys® Clippy Kylo Ren & Rey Bitty Clippys

Item Code: 1KDD1123

itty bittys® Boba Fett

Item Code: 1KDD1029